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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Providence Rider

The Providence Rider
by Robert McCammon

Audio Book 15 hr. 33 min.
Narrated by Edoardo Ballerini

I have to give a shout out to Robert McCammon and his series of historical thrillers.  "Providence" is the fourth featuring Matthew Corbett.  Matthew describes himself as a "professional problem solver."  And that he is...  He has impeccable sensibilities to sort things out.

More than anything, I am in complete awe of Robert's ability to pen the most expressive and amazing similes and metaphors.  They spring such wonderful images to mind.  No cliches or common usage here!

The narrator gives each character his due.  A few characters sound similar, but that is pretty hard to avoid in a series of books with so many characters.

As I finished each book in this series (and you are best served starting at the beginning, "Speaks the Nightbird,") I craved the next book.  CAN'T STOP HERE!  Fans, such as myself, are eagerly awaiting the fifth in this series, "The River of Souls."